The Hutton Family

    Missionaries to the Cabécar Indians

When Quintin and Melanie first met and got married, they had a desire and burden from God to send them out to be missionaries to reach an unreached people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

While they waited for the Lord to open a door into a mission work, they worked in ministry at their local Bible believing church doing neighborhood outreach ministries, a juvenile detention center ministry, a homeless ministry, a church plant, discipleship programs, personal evangelism, children's ministry, and Bible studies. They both have a passion for proclaiming the Gospel to lost souls and training disciples to follow Christ. Both of them are equipped with Biblical degrees for the ministry and have a great love for the Word of God.

In 2016, after a survey trip to visit and minister to the Cabécars in Costa Rica, God  called and confirmed to Quintin and Melanie to serve the Cabécar Indians in the mountainous rainforest regions of Costa Rica. Their mission is to to carry out the “Great Commission”— Matt. 28:19-20.

The Huttons arrived in Costa Rica January 2018, and are living close to the Cabécars and making expeditions into the jungles to evangelize them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and lead lost souls to Him. The Cabécar Indians do not live in villages, they instead live dispersed throughout the mountains, living in family clan units. The Huttons are also hard at work in discipling and training the natives to carry out ministry to their own people. They spend their time teaching God’s Word in Bible studies and Outreach events. Their aim and prayer is to plant house churches from each home Bible study. Some of the other ministries they plan to focus on will be visiting elementary schools with the Gospel and establishing a Christian school for Cabécar children.

They will also be ministering with an Aviation ministry, organized by missionary pilot Les Zerbe. This ministry will seek to spread the Gospel and seek to meet the emergency needs of the Cabécar Indians living in remote areas.

Please pray for the souls of the Cabécars and for the ministry that the Lord has opened up for the Hutton Family.

Ministry Works at the Moment

1.) Chirripo Area

This was the very first area that we began our mission work with the Cabécar Indians and have continued to visit Cabécar families throughout the rainforest trails. We have had several Bible studies with these families, and we have also recently had two get-togethers / group meetings where we invited three different Cabécar families to come together for food, fellowship, and a Bible study. God is working in their hearts, and they are enjoying having and reading their own Bibles in the Cabécar language! Praise God! 

2.) Atirro / Esperanza Area

This is the second area that God led us  to began a work with the Cabécar Indians. This area is much closer to our home, and we actually have Bible studies in our home for these Cabécar and for any other Cabécar in the surrounding areas. Recently, we had an evangelistic soccer activity in this area where we had food, a soccer game, and presented the Gospel to all who participated. All who came listened intently to the Gospel message and thoroughly enjoyed their time at the activity. Praise God!

3.) Nimari / Pacuare River Area

This is the third area that we have begun working with the Cabécar Indians. The Lord has opened this door within the last few weeks. Not long ago, we were able to have a Bible study and food for the Cabécar at an indigenous outdoor community center in the Nimari area. There were about 30-40 Cabécar that came and took part in this Bible study! Praise God!

Ministry Tools


1.) ATV for Mission Work Transportation

Details coming soon..

2.) Essential for Bracelets

A way to help Cabécar Indian women and children


1.) Here in Costa Rica, beans and rice are staple food items that they eat with almost every meal, every day.

2.) Each essential food item that we purchase costs between $2.00-$4.00. (Examples: a bag of rice, a bag of beans, a small carton of milk, and a bag of coffee, etc.)

3.) Each week we supply the Cabécar women with yarn or materials to make their BRACELETS or BAGS.

4.) Throughout the week, they hand-make their BRACELETS or BAGS, and then they trade them in to us for the essential food items.

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Essentials for Bracelets and Bags

"For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them what preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!" - Romans 10:13-15

What are we doing?

If you would like to see more information about the ministry we are doing with the Cabécars, please contact us at our email or Facebook, which can be found above. Or you can find links above that will share with you our prayer and update letters, photos, and videos of what we are doing in the ministry.

Where Are We Living?

Click 'view larger map' below to see more about the area we will be serving the Cabécars.

To our many Church partners, friends, and individual supporters of this mission,

Thank You!!