Uniqueness of Costa Rica: What Unique Ways Have You Seen?

In every city and town and village in this world you find diversity of culture. You find different ways of work and life.

In Costa Rica..


– There are no specific addresses to homes and places. It is a must to have GPS or internet to find your way around.

– You are not warned of approaching speed-bumps.

– Most women and men show an expression when they say ‘goodbye’, which looks like they are giving to you a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

– Most vehicles are diesel.

– Fuel is between 8 and 9 dollars per gallon.

– Highways eventually squeeze down into a two lane, narrow road, with vehicles parked on both sides, in the middle of a crowded downtown area filled with people walking across roads.

– There are pot holes found on every road, even on the highways and main roads.

– Majority of people are Catholic.

– You must be an aggressive driver or you will not move very far or get much done.

– It can be easy for you to turn down a one way street.

– A basic microwaves is $200.

– Prices are very expensive for nearly anything bought, but if you look around in the right places you can find good deals.

– Solid Bible teaching churches are very scarce to find in this country.


Many might believe that Costa Rica is easy living and cheap living, but it has changed. Basic needs are expensive and are not found easily. The country, like many in the world, is in desperate need of saving from Jesus and a turning away from the false doctrines that exist in this world.

Please share with us any cultural differences that come to your mind from reading this. We want to hear all about the unique ways  that are found in cultures around the world. Even if the differences are found it right down the road from you in the United States, we want to hear about them.

Signing off,

– The Hutton Family